Fergie's Pub

Welcome to Fergie's Pub

A traditional Irish Pub serving pub fare and local beers to satisfy any taste. Check out our events. Every Monday, show us what you got at our open mic night or for the trivia geeks check out Quizzo on Tuesday and Thursday.

Meet me at the Beach!

Come check out Fergie's Beach, the asphalt oasis in Center City

12:00 pm    Closed today for Labor Day

Giving everyone a break.

 Tuesday September 02, 2014   8:00 PM
More fun than sitting at home playing on Facebook

 Wednesday September 03, 2014   7:00 PM
Moonstone Poetry Presents

 Thursday September 04, 2014   9:00 PM
We provide the questions, you give us the answers.

 Friday September 05, 2014   6:00 PM
Philip D'Agostino Happy Hour

 Friday September 05, 2014   9:00 PM
The Ron Dickles Experience(FREE)
The Hour to Hour and a Half Show will be a Mixture of Singing, Dancing, Comedy, and Multimedia in the style of a Vaudeville show. Ron Dickles will also be finding special Comedic and Musical performers to add to each weeks guest list to further create an amazing experience for our guests.

 Friday September 05, 2014   11:00 PM
Hired Guns Blues Band

 Saturday September 06, 2014   4:00 PM
Traditional Irish Music Session

 Saturday September 06, 2014   10:00 PM
Andy Bopp

 Sunday September 07, 2014   4:30 PM
John Byrne's Irish Ballad Session
John Byrne plays traditional Irish Ballads

Irish Music Sessions

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